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Indian cuisine is a popular choice for people in the Netherlands. With its varied dishes, diverse textures, and taste Indian food offers something for every taste bud. If you are also looking to visit or order from a good Indian restaurant in Ouderkerk, then try Kasturi Restaurant and we promise you will love it. The menu is quite diverse and you can choose to dine in or even go for a pickup or get your food delivered in minutes from the restaurant. The service is super fast and the food is just amazing as the chefs who prepare the food have years of rich experience in Indian cuisine. Before we move forward, let's get a brief overview of Ouderkerk below.

An Overview of Ouderkerk

Ouderkerk is located beside the tranquil Amstel River and beckons with its quaint charm and diverse offerings. Whether you are seeking adventure in the summer sun, a romantic escape, or a leisurely winter retreat, this picturesque town has something for everyone. Explore historic landmarks, enjoy scenic strolls along cobblestone streets, or indulge in local cuisine at charming cafes. For those craving Indian flavours, nearby Indian restaurants in Ouderkerk offer a delightful culinary experience, where you can savour authentic dishes bursting with vibrant spices and flavours. With options like Kasturi Restaurant nearby, you can enjoy Indian food without leaving Ouderkerk Aan de Amstel.

Explore Kasturi Restaurant For The Best Indian Cuisine Near Ouderkerk

Kasturi is a well-renowned Indian restaurant in Ouderkerk where guests can explore the best Indian cuisine nearby the area. We are a premium dine in destination and also offer convenient pickup and delivery services. Whenever you are near Ouderkerk, visit us to relish an amazing Indian menu where you can choose from vegetarian, and a huge number of meat dishes along with popular Indian desserts and more.

Whether you are dining in with friends and family or grabbing a meal to-go, our warm and modern atmosphere ensures that every visit is a memorable one. Our dedicated team of chefs prepares each dish with passion and expertise, using fresh ingredients and authentic spices to create a truly authentic culinary experience.

What Dishes Can You Order At Kasturi According to Occasion?

  • Family Dinner:
    Gather your loved ones for a heartwarming Indian meal at Kasturi. You can treat your family to classics like creamy butter chicken, aromatic dal makhani, and popular paneer tikka masala. Pair these curries with soft naan bread or fragrant basmati rice for a satisfying feast which brings everyone together.
  • Birthday Celebration with Friends:
    Celebrate your special day with an unforgettable meal at Kasturi. Share laughter and good times and indulge in dishes like indulgent chicken biryani, vegetable korma, and spicy chicken tikka. Don't forget to order some crispy samosas or crunchy onion bhajis to start the party off right!
  • Romantic Date Night:
    Ignite the flames of love with a romantic dinner at Kasturi. Share intimate moments over delicious tandoori kebabs, succulent lamb curry, and delicate fish curry. For a sweet ending to your evening, indulge in decadent desserts like creamy kulfi or rich gulab jamun, making every bite a declaration of love. Don’t forget to team up your meals with our premium drinks like wine and beer.
  • Business Lunch Meeting:
    Impress your clients or colleagues with a sophisticated lunch at Kasturi. Opt for elegant dishes like fragrant biryanis, delicate fish tikka, and savoury lamb kofta. Pair these with refreshing salads and cooling raita to create a memorable dining experience that seals the deal.
  • Casual Weekend Brunch:
    Enjoy the laid-back vibes of the weekend with a leisurely brunch at Kasturi. Enjoy comfort foods like fluffy dosas, crispy pakoras, and spicy chole bhature. Wash it all down with refreshing mango lassi or traditional masala chai, creating the perfect start to a relaxing day.

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Experience the rich offering of Indian food with Kasturi Restaurant, your culinary one-stop-shop for every occasion. Whether it's a cherished family dinner, a lively birthday celebration, an intimate date night, a successful business lunch, or a laid-back weekend brunch, Kasturi's menu caters to your every need.

Our dishes, from the creamy butter chicken to the sizzling tandoori kebabs, are meticulously crafted to tantalise your taste buds. With the convenience of ordering from us, you can savour these delectable moments in the comfort of your home. Let Kasturi be the flavour-packed Indian restaurant in Ouderkerk to your special moments, ensuring each occasion is a celebration of exquisite Indian cuisine. Order now and let the culinary journey begin, one dish at a time!

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